Criteria of Membership

The Ethnic Schools Association of SA Inc. must be satisfied that the ethnic schools authority meets the criteria as stated:

  1. The nature of content of the instruction offered must provide:
    1. the basic skills for literacy in the language being taught;
    2. communication skills in the language being taught.
    3. Small classes are desirable for effective language teaching.

  2. The school management committee is required:
    1. To be a properly constituted body representing parents, teachers and community.
    2. To conduct the school on a part-time basis for a minimum period of 2 consecutive hours per week in keeping with the South Australian school calendar.
    3. To ensure that student records are kept and attendance be regular.
    4. To provide an ongoing programme of instruction conducted in the language being taught.
    5. To keep accurate books of account, and, in particular, are required to ensure that Government grants are spent for educational purposes only.
    6. To provide adequate protection for the safety and well-being of students for the duration of hours of instruction and/or while on school premises.
    7. It is the responsibility of the school management committee to take out and maintain a public risk liability insurance policy.
    8. To ensure that building facilities for classrooms comply with the present health and building regulations applicable.
    9. To be either registered or provisionally registered with the Ethnic Schools Board.

Cancellation of Membership

If the Association is of the opinion that a member school has failed to comply with a condition upon which membership was granted, the Association may withdraw membership.
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